As their name suggests, sunrooms benefit from natural lighting. They help unite your indoor space with the outdoors. Also known as a sun parlor or sun porch, sunrooms are built on the side of a house. They are designed to let you admire your surroundings thanks to plenty of large windows that offer panoramic views. At the same time, they are protected from the elements and give you an airy space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Sunrooms also benefit from being adaptable to virtually any style preference, ranging from relaxed and contemporary to formal and traditional.

Types of Sunrooms

There are several different styles of sunrooms. Generally, sunrooms will have a straight roof extending from the house. Roofs might also be pitched or slanted. Inside, ceilings can be vaulted to add grandeur and space. The size and shape of your sunroom will often be dictated by the style of your house, the space available, and your needs. Budget is another important factor in determining the type of sunroom you build. Materials are often used to create a unique style. Sunrooms built almost entirely of glass with minimal framing made of aluminum, wood or another material will maximize views and the amount of light entering the space. Brick can be used to evoke a more rustic and traditional feel. Similarly, wood helps create a country or traditional look. Wood also infuses an inviting sense of warmth, especially when light colored stains and woods are used.

Examples of sunroom styles include country or cottage styles that feature rustic or vintage furnishings. Wood flooring and ceilings also help create a more country feel to a sunroom. For more exotic ideas, sunrooms designs also work well with international themes. For a classic Mediterranean style, opt for rich textures and intricate patterns. Or go minimal with white walls and light blue accents to summon the charm of Greece's picturesque islands. Arched windows and exposed wooden beams also help create a Mediterranean style. You can also use colorful patterned wall tiles or yellow and blue paint to evoke the beauty of Morocco. Alternatively, introduce bamboo and silk furnishings to create a South East Asia look. For a Japanese style, use shoji screens along with minimalist décor and linear lines. Water features and plants also help create to a Zen-like feel inspired by Japan. Using art from the country of your inspiration including paintings and sculptures is a great way of completing your international theme.

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Decorating Ideas

Decorating the interior of your sunroom adds to the enjoyment and beautify of the space. How you decorate the sunroom will depend on your own personal preferences. Consider using a theme to decorate your sunroom before choosing any furniture, fixtures and other accents. A theme will bring the space together, from the color of the walls to the materials used for your flooring. It will also help you focus when deciding on colors and materials as well as the style for your new furniture and fixtures. How you decorate the space will also depend on how it is used. Sunrooms are used as playrooms for children, a home office or study, living or dining rooms, and other useful spaces. Whether you use the room to read a book drenched in sunlight or work on your next novel while looking for inspiration outdoors, a sunroom's décor plays an important role in influencing how you enjoy the space. Introducing new décor is also an effective way of revitalizing or reinventing an existing sunroom.

Using blinds or curtains help regulate the amount of sunlight entering the space. With lots of color and materials to choose from, they also help decorate and define the space. Adding skylights to an existing sunroom is also a great way to add light if you feel the space is too dark. Decorating a sunroom with flowers and plants creates a natural look and feel. Introducing plants and flowers along with using natural materials like stone and wood also helps connect the sunroom with the outdoors. If you use the sunroom to entertain, consider adding a built-in entertainment system as well as comfortable seating like sofas and armchairs. Opt for comfortable furniture and light fabrics if you use the space primarily to unwind and relax. For sunrooms used a dining areas, make sure the table is placed close to the windows to make the most of the stunning views.