Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one the easiest ways to make an outdoor space extra special. Practical as well as visually appealing, lighting is also an inexpensive outdoor decorative solution. Lighting is used to mark perimeters, including casting light on walkways and driveways. It is also used to illuminate specific spaces, from patios and decks to gardens and sitting areas.

Light Installations

There are plenty of ways to install lighting in your outdoor space. One option is to wire lighting as a permanent solution. Before installing any wiring, it is important to plan ahead of time. Create a masterplan to identify areas that you want to be illuminated and think about the best type of lighting. The plan will help you pick spots to mounting lighting, whether it is on walls, in trees, on the ground, or on other structures.

Outdoor lighting can include fixed lights along paths or at the foot of fences and trees, spotlights or floodlights that light up your house, entrances or other spaces. You can also install fixed lighting throughout a garden, deck or patio. LED tape with lighting encased in silicone is another option that is used to discretely light up outdoor spaces. This option can be used beautifully along hard landscaping, delivering almost a recessed lighting look outdoors. For an on-trend addition opt for neon light signs on your decking or patio.

Outdoor lighting does not need to always be direct. Instead of fixed lighting along paths or in gardens, you can place lights high up in trees. This delivers a natural dimmed look. Also known as moon lighting, lights brighten paths as well as other parts of the yard. The result is the appearance that you are walking in the woods with only the moon to illuminate your way. Similarly, indirect lighting is used to create an intimate and more natural feel. Lights are installed high overhead rather than at eye level. It is almost as if your outdoor space is lit like a stage.

If you are planning to install outdoor lighting in a large area or use expensive fixtures, or if you need the area electrically wired it is a good idea to use a professional outdoor lighting installation service. Filling in the form below will connect you to certified, approved contractors that serve your local area no matter where you are, including cities such as Boise ID, Jackson MS, Hendersonville TN and Cleveland OH.

Lanterns and String Lights

Kerosene Lanterns are great additions to create a relaxing mood while adding light to your lawn or garden. Unlike candles, they will not blow out. Lanterns are easy to use and provide a great deal of illumination. They can be placed on tables or on the ground, or be hung by handles throughout your garden, deck or patio. An alternative to lanterns are tiki torches. This option lights up your outdoor space while adding a fun and tropical feeling.

Solar powered LED garden lights use the sun's energy to light your lawn or garden. These stylish and affordable lighting solutions are available in a variety of different styles and designs, as well as a range of colors. They suit virtually any taste. Garden lights at the foot of fencing will illuminate the border of your yard while providing some light while enjoying the space in the evening. You can also strategically place these lights throughout your garden or to illuminate walkways and driveways. While they will not provide enough light for an outdoor mean, they do give a sense of place when you are in your yard in the dark.

Repurposing Christmas lights and using string lights is another practical and affordable way of adding outdoor lighting. Use these lights along railings on your porch or deck, or cover the bulbs with homemade or purpose-made shades on string lights hung on patio or deck shelters and coverings. You can also add string lights along fences or on trees and plants. Faux lanterns can also be used for bulbs. They are particularly effective when hung from a tree, trellis or shelter covering a deck or patio.


There are countless unique ways to place lighting creatively. Using candles is one option to provide lighting for a table or seating area. You can even make candles cheerful and imaginative by using colored bands of sand in a glass candleholder or even an ordinary vase or cup. Floating candles are another stunning way to add elegance and light to your outdoor space. Either place candles along in a bowl of water or mix them with flower petals to create a striking table centerpiece. The candlelight shimmering on the surface of the water as beautiful as it is relaxing.

Use votive candles as a cleaner and longer-lasting alternative to traditional candles. Votive candles can be used to decorate your space while providing the same flickering effect as candlelight. Dress them up with origami pieces or colored tissue paper and place these battery-operated candles inside. Another idea is to use oversized shells in a tray filled with sand with votive candles inside the shells to add a romantic touch to your outdoor space. There are also plenty of candle slipcovers from home improvement stores that add style to candles. A simple search on Pinterest or Google will unveil countless methods of dressing up votive or regular candles in an eye-catching way.