Getting your Deck Summer Ready

Getting your deck ready for summer involves repairs, cleaning and other general maintenance work. This attention keeps your deckling beautiful as well as safe. You can also revitalize your deck with a new color or features, including decorative features that can range from planters and lighting to a new cover or shelter.

Repairs to Fix Issues with Your Deck

Maintaining your deck is relatively easy and doing the work yourself can save you money when compared to hiring a professional contractor. Sprucing up your deck starts with inspecting it for any damage or issues. Look closely at posts, joists, connections, screws, bolts and other areas of the decking to identify any problems. This might include rusted bolts, loose screws, damaged boards, wood rot, missing nails, and other issues. Problems might only be cosmetic, such as a worn finish that needs to be re-stained or re-painted. With raised decks, make sure that the deck is secured to the house. Replace any missing, rusted or damaged bolts and screws. Similarly, replace any bent or damaged flashing and boards. Railings might also need to be secured if they are loose or have missing connections. Any boards that are severely damaged, for example from wood rot, should be removed and replaced.

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Revitalize Your Decking

As the years pass, your deck can look weathered and in need of attention. Snow and ice over the winter can leave the surface of your deck worn and cracked. Moisture can lead to mildew and damp-related issues, including wood rot. Heavy foot traffic can also strip away the finish on your decking while sunlight can damage the fibres of the wood decking. Even stains from everyday use will affect the look of your deck. To keep your deck looking beautiful, it is important to re-finish the wood at least once a year.

Before re-finishing your decking, it should be properly cleaned. Most decks can be cleaned with an ordinary deck cleaner, although the type of cleaner will depend on the issue. Sodium hypochlorite or bleach mixed with water is effective at removing mildew. Mixing it with an ammonia-free detergent will also help with dirt and stains. A mixture of sodium percarbonate and water is good for removing mildew and dirt. It is also effective with wood fibres that are weather or sun-damaged. For darker stains, use oxalic acid. Sodium hydroxide or lye is great with removing wood finishes. Renting pressure washer and sander will help with difficult stains and removing finishes.

Once your deck is clean, allow it to dry before re-finishing the surface. You can use the same type of stain to enhance the look of the wood. Stains complement the natural grain of your wooden deck, particularly if you are using clear or transparent stains. To add a bit of color, consider using a semi-transparent stain or paint. Keep in mind that paint can peel or chip over time and when exposed to the elements. Although stains do not peel or chip, they do wear with foot traffic and exposure to the elements.

Reinvent Your Deck

There are affordable alternatives to replacing your deck in order to give your property a new or refreshed look. One option is to paint your deck or stain it with a less transparent finish, which will introduce a new color and look to the decking. Another option is introducing new features to your deck. This might include buying new furniture or something as simple as new cushions for your current seating. Flower pots and planters can be added to introduce colorful flowers and lush greenery to your deck area. You can also introduce new lighting to make the space more comfortable at night. Similarly, you can install a built-in sound system to enhance the way you use the space and entertain guests. A more ambitious way to reinvent your deck is to add a cover. A deck cover will not only change the look of your deck, it will also provide shelter from the sun and elements. This will give you more flexibility to enjoy your deck regardless of the weather conditions.

Maintaining your deck and looking for ways to reinvent it will ensure you have a relaxing and beautiful area to enjoy. When deciding how to enhance your deck, consider how you use the space and how you want to use it. This will help you narrow down your options. Your budget as well as the size and style of your deck will also influence how you reinvent your deck. Regardless of what you do, you should at a minimum refinish your deck each year to keep it looking beautiful and protected.