Building a New Deck

A new deck can provide you with a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. It also provides you with a fun outdoor area to entertain family and friends, as well as for children to play. Decks can be simple and neutral to provide a contemporary space to relax. At the same time, adding features can add character. Furniture, fabrics and other features can create anything from an artistic tropical theme to a traditional country home feel.

Building a new deck can be daunting, which is why planning is essential to make sure your projects goes smoothly. The first step is to decide whether you are going to build the deck yourself or hire a contractor. If you are not experienced in building decks or undertaking complex home improvement projects, it might be wise to get a professional. This is especially true if you are planning a larger or raised deck. Once you have made that decision, you will need to determine what type of deck works best with your property.

Some decks are built right on the ground. Known as grade or ground level decks, this type of design delivers an affordable option to add living space to your property. This is also an easy design to build since grade level decks are free standing and do not include posts. Since they do not have to be attached to the house or require foundation work, this type of deck can be built in any location. You can build the deck close to your property as an extension or independently as an island in your lawn or garden. Ground level decks can be designed in virtually any shape and size depending on your needs and budget. They can be used as a hang out and place to entertain, or a safe and clean spot to have your barbeque. A ground level deck might include railings and other features to enhance its look, including benches and planters. How much pizzazz you add will depend on your budget and individual preference.

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A raised deck is the other main design for outdoor decks. These decks typically feature stairs and railings. The height of the deck is generally dictated by the design of your home. The deck is generally attached to the second floor or a higher floor if one is available. It must be supported by posts that are anchored to the ground on piers, making construction more complicated than a ground level deck. They also need to adhere to local building codes. At the same time, raised decks can provide you with stunning views. Depending on the height, they might even offer you views above the surrounding tree canopy. Raised decks also provide dual uses, with the upper level serving as a lounging or dining area and the lower level offering an additional enclosed space or patio. Like ground level decks, they can be enhanced with benches, built-in seating, planters and other features depending on how much space is available and your budget.

When nailing down a design, ask yourself how much you want to wow neighbors while also considering what is practical for your needs and budget. Do you want something elaborate like a raised deck or a two-storey showpiece or something that is more functional for you to host get-togethers and barbeques? You might also consider whether you want to cover your deck to make it more livable and flexible. A covered deck provides shelter so you can use the space even when the weather is far from perfect. A covered or sheltered will also provide shade and relief during hot sunny days. You might also want to consider privacy solutions like screens or natural barriers such as trees and bushes. Regardless of what design you choose, it should match the style of your home. Materials and colors should complement your existing property.

Once you have decided on a raised or ground level deck, you can explore other design ideas. Decks should create a comfortable outdoor space. They should also be a natural extension to your home, connecting outdoor and indoor spaces. They should also offer a view while not limiting the spaciousness of your property. If you are designing and building your own deck, visit local home improvement companies that have free design software. This will give you a virtual idea of what your options are before building anything. Home improvement stores are also a good place to get help on materials, including the amount needed and the cost. A quick Google search can also give you thousands of deck plans to give you options on what design might suit your needs. Local contractors might also share deck plans and talk to you about your ideas. If you are hiring a professional, they will work with you to design the deck of your dreams.