Getting Your Garden Spring & Summer Ready

Getting Your Outdoor Areas Ready for Spring and Summer

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, it is easy to start thinking about summer days spent in your yard entertaining friends or simply relaxing. While some of us focus on getting in shape for the beach, many homeowners are focused on getting their outdoor areas ready for the summer. This involves more than just making sure that your grass and plants are looking lush and alive as the mercury rises. From building a new deck or conservatory to trimming trees and laying sod, there are a number of ways to getting your outdoor space looking beautiful and ready for the warm weather.

Green Thumbs and Lush Gardens

One of the easiest ways of having your outdoor space look great during hotter temperatures is by keeping it green. Keeping your lawn and garden lush and beautiful often starts once you have seen the last of winter's coldest weather. At the same time, good lawn care means plenty of attention throughout the year. The kind of care and how much attention will depend on the type of grass you have and the time of the year.

Cold and dry winter air means occasional watering during the winter if your yard is not snow-covered. During the spring, your lawn might need to be seeded so that bare patches are filled with new grass. You might want to lay new sod if you are creating a new green space or your existing grass is beyond repair. To keep your grass looking green even in the hottest weather, you need to water and mow your lawn regularly throughout the summer. Your grass isn't the only area of your yard that needs a trim. Pruning is essential to keep your trees strong and healthy. Tree trimming helps with growth while removing diseased or damaged branches that are potentially dangerous.

Decks, Conservatories and Other Centerpieces

There are plenty of ways to spruce up outdoor spaces with interesting landscape designs. Your options are only limited by your space and budget. Fencing is a practical yet attractive solution to create a new border for your lawn or garden while keeping your pets and children safe. The same goes with new hard landscaping like pavers. Made from a variety of styles and colors, interlocking pavers are a low maintenance and eye-catching landscaping option for your property.

Practical and functional, your deck is often the centerpiece for any summer barbeque or get-together. Building a deck will wow your neighbors while adding a new outdoor space to make the most of the warm weather. And there are plenty of ways to design a deck that is fun and interesting like adding lighting, furniture, plants, and other features to make your deck the perfect spot to relax and welcome friends or family. If you already have an outdoor deck, it is important to give it a bit of attention in the spring. After a long winter, a good clean will remove debris, sun damage, moss and other issues. Maintaining your deck also means making small repairs like securing boards and bolts or adding a new coat of varnish if the wood is looking tired.

Besides decks, you can also enhance your outdoor space with a new conservatory or sunroom. These additions bring the outdoors into an indoor space, connecting nature with the inside of your home. They not only add new enjoyment and living space to your property, they also add value with a relaxing and useable space.

Finding the Right Solutions

Beyond keeping your grass green and your plants blooming, there are countless ways to enhance your outdoor space for summer. From building a conservatory to installing new outdoor lighting, the most successful projects always consider how the space will be used. You can be creative and infuse character and style to your outdoor space with a new garden or create a functional space for entertaining with a new deck. Check out some of the ways you can get your garden, lawn and other outdoor spaces ready for this summer!